The Challenge

Produce a conversion driven, secure, and aesthetically pleasing ecommerce website for Big Blue.

Key Finding

The previous format was not updatable, not optimised towards conversions and open to security vulnerabilities.


No communication. No Conversion.

The existing site would need a complete redesign to facilitate better conversations between brand and users and to increase security and usability.


A redesign of the whole website was necessary to facilitate a lower bounce rate and higher ease of use. The redesign included speed optimization and better categorization of products. Digital marketing through mailers highlighted specials and sales within the site and the implementation of an online chat promoted conversation between brand and user.  

Creative execution

A new website was designed and built to appeal to users with an easy-to-use interface and no limitations on backend updates. Increasing the security level within the site avoids vulnerabilities and faults. A simplified product categorisation provides effortless site navigation. The implementation of digital marketing increases communication.


Bounce rate was brought down and the brand experienced the highest average conversion rate ever with an increased e-commerce conversion rate. Friday the 13% off special was the biggest online sales day to date and within three months of starting the optimisation process, iLogic reached an average conversion rate of 0.76%.

Other Work