The Challenge

Assist an agency with the development and implementation of a digital speed camera within a static sign.

Key Finding

The exact system needed didn’t exist. It would need to be developed and integrated into the existing structure.


Special housing and information feeders would have to be be developed to house input and output cabling and maintain structural integrity against external influences.


Create an interactive live speed camera using software and hardware to allow for seamless time to speed viewing.

Creative execution

The creation of the static sign was combined with the digital speed camera system, for a visually engaging outdoor format. The contrast between digital and static signage set this apart from regular OOH. The interactive camera system allowed motorists a brief chance to memorably engage with the Mini brand. iLogic took the Mini brand message and made a tangible application.


Installation on busy Sandton Drive, in Johannesburg, meant real time speed viewing for three months.

Other Work