The Challenge

Create a digital marketing strategy to create awareness and get one million views of The Shores Season 2.

Key Finding

Existing social media and digital presence was essentially nonexistent.


To create the viewership required, the show would have to be marketed to both new and existing South African fans and a broad international audience.  


The initial strategy was built on the increase of social media users – get users talking about the show. Generating teasers encouraged views and a sharing culture. Banners were placed on all videos to further encourage YouTube subscriptions.

Creative execution

An engaging social media strategy was created by constructing a large online presence on all social sharing platforms. The existing social pages were updated and made relevant to the second season. This facilitated conversations between the brand and the audience. YouTube banners were implemented to promote subscriptions to the channel and an execution of competitions was a method to boost engagement.  


iLogic was able to double initial view requirements by 50%, raising views to 1.5 million for the season. This rise in views resulted in an increased following on social media platforms. The success of the marketing strategy lead to a very low cost-per-view.

Other Work